Sandstone Houses & Homes Melbourne Victoria

Sandstone Houses: Main Uses of Sandstone in Buildings and Houses

Sandstone homes are found throughout Australia — both natural and reproduction stones and are becoming increasingly popular in the Ballarat and Melbourne areas. When considering using this material for your home, it is important to find a supplier of affordable pavers, blocks or tiles that have the look and feel of the natural stone. Rustic Stone is a leading provider of high quality reproduction stone, including sandstone, random stone, bluestone, river stone, ledge stone, and more.

When considering sandstone houses from Rustic Stone, you will find blocks, tiles and pavers in an endless array of styles. Rustic Stone features superior quality reproduction stone, which includes benefits such as:

Sandstone can be used for homes, businesses, public buildings, driveways entrance, and other areas. Rustic Stone offers customisable solutions in houses and other structures. For budget-friendly, low maintenance housing solutions in Ballarat, Melbourne and the surrounds, contact Rustic Stone.

When in search of assistance with sandstone houses, bluestone houses, random stone houses and other reproduction stone structures, Rustic Stone can help. They offer additional services including custom work, urban structures, mud brick, fireplaces, foundations, edges, and more. 


Sandstone houses have a charm unlike any other. If you are planning to build one, then you need the right materials. At Rustic Stone, we are the experts you need for high quality and affordable sandstones. We manufacture a variety of stones to ensure that our customers enjoy superior quality that is a pre-requisite for construction.

Quality shows every time you choose us

No matter how grand or well-designed a sandstone house in Victoria is, if it does not use high quality stones, it will look shoddy. Using the right kind of building materials is of prime importance and with us, you have nothing to worry about. Using the latest technologies, we design and create the high quality sandstones that will make any construction project a success. When our products are used for building sandstone house in Victoria, the quality shows through. If you are planning on building one, whether for yourself or a client, make sure that you call us for inexpensive options.

Using our sandstones is a great idea

That’s right. As stone-specialists with updated technologies available, we are the best professionals to turn to if you are building sandstone house in Victoria. Our products are not only high quality, they are also long lasting. They are highly durable, ensuring that they don't really need any sort of maintenance. They will give you long years of   tension-free life! Also, needless to say, this product of ours too is nigh on aesthetic value. They look just like naturally occurring sandstones, and they will increase the monetary value of your property easily. So when you sell it, you get a better price!

Excellent quality and excellent service

When it comes to enjoying a wide variety of benefits, choosing our company before you start building sandstone houses in Victoria is a great idea. From durability to great prices, increase in resale value to versatility, selecting us as your stone-specialists certainly is a great idea. Whether you want sandstones for your home, business, office, commercial establishment, driveway, garden, yard or other area, you will find us great to work with.

If you want to build a sandstone house in Victoria, we are the professionals to trust for the materials. At the Rustic Stone, get in touch with us by calling us at our phone number 03 5336 3255 or emailing us at today. We would love it if you get in touch with us