Random Stone Houses & Walls Melbourne Victoria

Benefits of Random Stone Houses

When planning a new home, the materials will play an important role in the overall design of the house. Random stone houses have become a leading choice for homeowners throughout Ballarat, Melbourne and the surrounds. When making decisions for your new home, consider the many advantages of random stone houses.

Random Stone by Rustic Stone


One of the best attributes of random stone houses is the sheer variety. The ability to customise the look with a random stone display makes this the perfect way of making your home completely unique. With endless options in color, arrangement, and display, walls featuring random stones can embody a diverse array of architectural styles.


When building a home, you’ll want it to last for decades. The durability of reproduction stones is another reason to consider this when building your home. Random stone houses are low-maintenance and will last longer than many other materials.


The high cost of a new home makes the cost of materials an important consideration. Stones are a value-driven product, allowing homeowners to get more for their money. Without sacrificing aesthetics, random stone houses are affordable.

A stone house is all you need

That’s right. If you love everything natural, then why not bring nature to your own space, in your own house? With Rustic Stone, it is so easy. Building a stone house in Victoria is as easy as child’s play when we are the ones you depend on for the materials. We have high-quality reproduction stones that are perfect for the purpose, and our prices will make you very happy. Random stone houses make perfect sense for people who love to live the rustic life and want other people to know it! Let us help you achieve the look you desire.

Our replica random stones look exactly like the original

That’s right! At our company, we specialise in designing and creating a wide variety of random stones in a number of shapes, sizes and textures. We use manufacturing technologies that make it possible for us to create a variety of random stones that are great for construction purposes. A lot of people don't build stone houses in Victoria for the simple reason that the natural stones that are available are steep in price. But not with us! Since we manufacture our stones, you get highly affordable options to choose from. However, we make sure that the quality is something that is never compromised with. Our stones are durable, long lasting and beautifully rustic.

Trusting us is the smart thing to do

That’s right. As your stone-specialists, we are the creators of an amazing variety of stones to be used for a plethora of purposes. Whether you are building a stone house in Victoria or a patio, let us be the professionals you call for affordable options. We are a wholly family-owned business and we make sure that our manufacturing process is of a high standard. We have built a reputation for ourselves and our customers have always been happy with our exceptional service and unerring quality. So when you are thinking of a stone house, think of us! We will provide you the building materials you need and will assure you of the high quality.

If you want a stone house in Victoria, let us be the company you call in for the materials. At the Rustic Stone, get high-quality stones for your construction project by calling us at our phone number 03 5336 3255 or emailing us at sales@rusticstone.com.au today. With us, you can start construction with complete peace of mind.