River Rocks Melbourne Victoria

Rustic Stone create various colours of River Stone. The Stone is ideal for water features, behind internal fire places etc.

There are various types of river rock found across the globe. Their colors range from green and brown to light yellow and gold. Though river rock is also extensively found in Australia the fact is that most people cannot afford it especially if they want to build a water feature in their home. Then there is also the fact that river rocks needs to be maintained in order to ensure that their shine and luster still look good. These are just in addition to a number of reasons why natural rock is not always the best option for home owners. This is why at Rustic Stone we have created a much better version of river rock!

What sets our river rock apart?

To start off with our river rock in Victoria is actually an improved version of the one which is naturally found. Unlike natural rocks ours need little to no maintenance so they look as good as new even after years of being installed in a fountain or any other water feature. Plus our manufactured rocks are available in a number of different sizes, have clean lines which makes them easier to install.

High tech manufacturing methods

At Rustic Stone all river rocks we sell are manufactured using the latest machines and technologies. From the  initial design to the finished product we ensure that durability is one of the key elements we keep in mind. In addition, we always add a little extra to the river rocks we manufacture like textures and varying colors. So, if you're in charge of creating a water feature you have a wide array of choices at your disposal allowing you to essentially give your creativity a free reign over what happens.

Get the best quality at the best price

Not only are our river rock in Victoria of the best quality but they are also comparatively cheap. Most people will find that its far cheaper and more practical to invest in our artificial rocks then buying expensive real river rocks.

Great-looking river rocks in Victoria

Most people try their best to give their homes a unique look. You don't want your home to look exactly like your neighbour’s, right? Of course not! At Rustic Stone, we understand exactly what you are talking about. Our stones in a huge variety of styles and designs are the best thing for you to choose if you want your home to look stunning and have an individuality that distinguishes it from others in your neighbourhood.

Perfect for water features on your property

When it comes to water features, river rocks add the ‘natural’ touch we hope for. Whether it is a fountain or a faux river you are planning to have on your property, our river rocks in Victoria are what you need. Of course, you may want to use real river rocks, but not only are they hard to source; you will find them very expensive. But when it comes to our river rocks, you will enjoy the low waiting period we offer, along with the excellent quality. We use updated technologies to manufacture our river rocks and because we put in a lot of effort, you can be assured that our products are excellent in quality and extremely durable. No matter what water feature you want to enhance the look of, you will find our river rocks in Victoria absolutely perfect for them.

Why choose our reproduction river rocks?

It is truly the smart thing to do. In our production process, our main aim is to ensure that we maintain high quality standards every step of the way. In fact, our goal is to improve on naturally occurring river rocks. The natural ones need a high level of maintenance to keep looking nice and shiny, but not the ones we manufacture. They are practically maintenance-free. Highly affordable, they can be used for a variety of purposes and are particularly suited to any construction that has to do with water or water simulations. We are truly the only stone-specialists you are ever going to need!

If you are looking to bring the power of water into your home, our river rocks in Victoria are a really cool idea. At the Rustic Stone, you can get in touch with us by calling us at our phone number 03 5336 3255 or emailing us at sales@rusticstone.com.au today. We would love to be of service to you.