About Us

Before Rustic Stone's Reproduction Stone you would have to pay a lot of money for real stone to get your house looking like this:-

Sandstone Interior River Stone Fireplace Outdoor Area

Now with this Alternative stone product looking identical to natural stone, Rustic Stone is manufactured in moulds designed to reproduce and enhance the individual character and texture of selected natural stone.

Rustic Stone produces a wide range of reproduction bluestone and sandstone products designed specifically for the building industry.

Rustic Stone is a small family business that has been operating in Ballarat Vic (Australia), since 1993. It was conceived by Michael Thurlbeck, an Engineering Pattern Maker, who develops and produces all moulds used in the production of Rustic Stone.

Unlike natural stone, Rustic Stone cladding is manufactured using the latest technology providing huge savings in labour and transport. This ensures a highly economic product ideal for almost all wall situations, both inside and out.

The benefits of building in Rustic Stone cladding include:

For more information on Artificial Stones, Cultured StonesLightweight Stones or Simulated Stones then contact Rustic Stone today on 03 5336 3255