Bluestones Melbourne Victoria

Popular Uses of Bluestones

When building a home or other structure, the materials used will play an important part in the overall aesthetics of the finished product. Bluestone has become a popular choice for home and business owners throughout the Ballarat and Melbourne areas due to its appearance and versatility. When considering adding bluestone to your project, there are several main areas that typically incorporate the material.

For building, bluestones offer high slip and scratch resistance. It is ideal for both indoor and outdoor use, which makes it a highly versatile building material and perfect for use as pavers and tiles, among other things. Australians extensively use bluestone in commercial, residential, and civil projects. In addition to the use of natural bluestone, many builders offer reproduction bluestone, which is a cost effective alternative.

Rustic Stone is a leading provider of reproduction bluestone in Ballarat, Melbourne and surrounds. When you visit, you’ll find reproduction stone for buildings, houses, gateways, and other areas. Crafted by highly skilled laborers, Rustic Stone offers different shapes and sizes in bluestone facade.

Rustic Stone produce reproduction Bluestone that can be used for, but is not limited to pavers, tiles, buildings and gateways.

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Bluestone facade is made in 60 different shapes. Highly skilled local labourers are available to assist in installing our fantastic Bluestone product.

Benefits of using our bluestones in construction today

Bluestones have become very popular in the landscaping industry. More and more home-owners and landscape artists are using them for the number of benefits they offer. If you want to add the rustic look to your property while keeping your costs low, our bluestones are what you need. At Rustic Stone, we specialise in bringing to our customers a wide variety of reproduction bluestones that are easy on the pocket and give you the appearance you desire. So give your property the upgrade it requires without spending a whole lot of money in the process!

Why use our bluestones for construction?

There are specific advantages of using our company. Here are the benefits you get when you use our bluestones for construction.

Stone-experts you need

We manufacture a wide variety of bluestones in Victoria every year in various designs. We are truly the stone-experts you need. So if you need reproduction bluestones in Victoria, give us at the Rustic Stone a call at our phone number 03 5336 3255 or email us at today and we will be happy to help you with any enquiries you might have.